One-stop Solution


Xinics charging solution provides a highly integrated management platform to clients while at the same time ensuring the convenience and freedom of the platform. Clients    


  • Low costs 

         1/20 cost of the same product of other brands.

         Online payment, no extra manpower. 


  • Easy installation

          No change on the current power supply system.  Client to set maximum power supply to ensure no overload.


  • Fast payback 

          Expected payback period of only 6 - 9 months.  


  • Free pricing

          Set price based on charging amount and time, also based on different time periods.


  • User groups management

       Categorize users for different pricing, discounts, and functions.


  • Smart power management

        Set the maximum power supply, when it is exceeding, the charging device turns on the queuing mode automatically.  


  • Cloud monitoring

          Manage all devices and collect data by one account and one platform.


  • Custom development 

          Print your own logo.

          More functions can be customized and developed, please contact us for more details.  


Charging device

Xinics focuses and pays attention on the development of the charging device, ensuring safety and scalability.


  • Security, multi-layer protection

           Ensuring safety with multi-layer monitoring functions for temperature, current, and voltage.


  • Chips metering, precise pricing

            Real-time power consumption calculation.  Also support dual calculation for power and time.  


  • ZigBee/SIM connect network

             Based on wifi / SIM setting, connect the Internet of Things (IoT) with a cloud platform. 

             24 hours real-time monitoring.




Only with a few buttons, users can complete the payment process, manage the charging setting and check their charging history.


  • Self-service payment 

           No registration, scan QR code to pay by Wechat Pay and Alipay.


  • Real-time monitoring    

           Real-time monitoring for charging status including the current, voltage, power, time and EV battery etc.  


  • Record tracking

           Check charging history and other information through APP.


  • Remote operation

           Mobile phone setting for remote operating.