About the Future

Innovative technology has become a major part of improving transport construction. With its rapid development, the HK Government has published the first Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Strategy and development plan in 2001 and The Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint 2.0 recently, expecting to set up an overall plan for Hong Kong town planning.  One of the main projects is "Smart Travel".


There are three strategies of “Smart Travel” including “Smart Transport Infrastructure", "Data Sharing and Analytics” and “Applications and Services".  The "Smart Transport Infrastructure” set up collects big data so as to achieve "Data Sharing and Analytics”, the result can be applied and served on government departments and road users (Applications and Services).  The plan also has five visions which are Safe, Informative, Green, Mobile, and Accessible referred to as (SIGMA).  Combining the three strategies and the five visions formed the complete "Smart Travel".