Project Overview

Our Onboard road inspection system uses flowing sensor technology, real-time uploading data to the cloud for analyzing road damages status.  The system aims to change the current road inspection module.  Combined with the "Smart mobility" strategy to enhance the transportation system, promote Hong Kong as a smart city.


There is no sensor installation at a fixed location is needed, the technology will directly detect the roads in a flowing mode, and even to remote areas. The coverage of road inspection is highly increased.  The solution maximizes road safety, not only simplifying the road damage notification procedures but also preventing potential problems. Our sensor can go deep beneath the road, detecting potential damages by AI and data analysis.  


AI and data analysis not only can see potential problems but thoroughly understand the overall road network of Hong Kong and create a road situation map, it also benefits future road planning.  The solution intends to use advanced sensing and data collection method, combined with AI and big data analysis so as to revolutionize the current road maintenance method.  Hong Kong will take a big step towards becoming a "Smart City".