Xinics Electricity Sharing Solution

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Low Cost
Earn Money Without Monitoring

'We aim to provide charge anytime anywhere environment for the ideal solution to EV charging in public spaces which will be able to fit around whatever street furniture is there already, have no impact on grid supply, be cheap to install and offer easy relocation in response to changing demand patterns.'

Only 1/20 cost of a traditional EV charger. Our charger can deploy everywhere, no matter it comes with high or low KW power supply. The concept is similar to the usage of mobile phones. We won't fully charge our phone when we walk away to have a meeting. We won't wait to fully charge the phone when we walk away from the desk. Same as EV charging, we don't need 100% battery for daily use. The thing is we charge the car whenever we park it. Xinics charger can cover everywhere!


QR code

Innovative QR code payment gateway. No coins, no deposite. Activate by simply a button of your smart phone


Intelligent module stop charging when abnormal current occurred. Listed by a national certification organization for safety approval

Meter flow

Built-in high accuracy flow meter with national approval

ZigBee / SIM

Built-in wifi/sim for 7x24 real time online monitoring

EV charger all-in-one module I

1. For 1-4 smart chargers
2. 4G router integrated
3. Distribution in ordered charging for charging station
4. One charger for one parking place due to low price
5. Water proof for outdoor 6. Mixed parking place for EV or Bicycl

EV charger all-in-one module II

1. New appearance for 1-6 smart chargers
2. 7kw charging gun
3. Media screen
4. LED for charging status
5. Extended modules for 5G, Video, Beidou etc

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